Everything you need to know

Outdoor Shoot



At this stage we explore and determine your expectations. We pick a location and talk about the style and mood you wish to embody. 

Legal stuff & Pricing

Sign the contracts and forms. We also select a package that best suits your needs. 



We set up a date and time that works for both of us. In the event of poor weather, we also schedule a backup date in advance.

Fun Stuff 

Time to go shoot!


After the shoot I usually like to sit down at a nice café with you. We cycle through your pictures together and we pick the ones we think look best. (No cost and no rush for time reviewing) 


I head home and start editing. This usually takes one business day.



Once the editing is done, I send them your way alongside the invoice! You get a download link as well which enables you to get the full size High-Res images on your computer/phone.